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My Daily Deviation Winner At Deviant Art - base by LithrielMay 26, 2009
I wonder how many"I'm BACK!" messages I'll leave before I finally realise I'm far too lazy and disorganized to manage a website. lol I'm REALLY sorry I haven't been able to update in AGES. Also I WILL eventually get around to making a new layout.
I've been busy updating my deviant art page and have been fairly active at Glam!, a dolling forum. Right now I'm trying to finish a small harem themed doll for a fun collab with friends. However I did get an offer for another larger one but I sort of turned it down.. I'd love to but erg.. so much to do lately and the doll would be SO big for little ol me. On the bright side since my return to dolling I got my first ever, and most likely ONLY, daily deviation at Deviant Art.. neat huh? If only I had known I'd be nominated.. I would have put in more effort... towards the end I decided "screw it.. good enough." lol Oh and I WILL be updating my bases section at least with new faces ASAP.
One more thing...

I'm helping judge a steampunk pageant PLEASE come join!

November 1, 2007
I'm BAAAAaacckkkk....
I think its been, wow, nearly a year since my last update. I am so ashamed.. *sigh*
Well a lot has happened since my last update. I won't go over every trivial detail but suffice it to say its been a while and, overcome by a deep embarassment of never updated despite my wonderful hostess still holding onto my site for me, I must do SOMETHING. My health hasn't been the best so I could use that as a fair excuse not to mention we also had a big move not long ago; nothing to make of for my year of shameless laziness though. ;)
So you think, burdened with guilt, I would find myself in a flurry of pixel pushing and posting to make up for lost time; however, its been very diffcult for me to get back on the horse. I've been drawing no more than a few measely pixels a doll and even getting myself to do that is a bit of a struggle. (Of course my new found addiction to crochet isn't helping.) Though I do hope to eventually finish my doll, good, bad or otherwise and post. My poor deviant art account abandoned, my eden account untouched and my website nearly forgotten... I must I will update.. and soon.
I think one of the worste things about my prolonged hiatus was that, in that time, I seem to have lost .. something. I think I was doing pretty well and showing improvment. My last three dolls dide well contest wise and I was rather proud of them but now I struggle; and, in that time, everyone else in the dolling community has surpassed me in skill, technique and productivity. I don't think I'll ever be as good as I could have been had I pressed on.
Hopefully I'll be able to return with something.. adequate, if not anywhere near to the amazing works I've seen made in my absence.
Expecting to finish something to update with and soon...
I've missed all of you, my fellow pixlers, SO much. I hope someone out there will remember me. lol

November 19. 2006Again with Eden's wonderful C+C I think this turned out well. My Jamaican woman was made for one of Blue's palette contests AND for Blue's dress generator contest. I asked special permission to enter her into both. lol - Base by Anlina
Well my birthday came and went.. rather uneventfully I might add. However I did get a little pocket money, some lovely darkroses and a few happy birthday's from some of my friends. Spent the evening with my parents having some fast food and watching that Davinci Code movie. So yeah.. nothing exciting in the least. HOWEVER... my last birthday.. I stood on the porch, looking up at the stars thinking to myself how utterly disappointed I was in myself. I hadn't accomplished any of the measly goals I had set out for myself but this time.. this time was a little different. I've gotten a little part time job, I've quit smoking and I've managed to keep the house reasonably clean. Modest goals indeed but each of these were the same promises I had made to myself just last year but somehow couldn't manage to see through.So maybe I didn't get any packages wrapped in shiny paper and maybe I didn't get a cake slathered thickly with sweet delicious icing... but I did give myself a few gifts not the least of which of course... quite possibly a few years added onto my life as well as, most definitely, a healthier life. :)
Ok enough of my prattling on about my birthday pff.. in other news...
I recently joined Pixel Joint and uploaded my first piece, which you may have already seen at Eden Enchanted, for a couple of Blue's contests. I'm really pretty pleased with it. Sure the lightsourcing and the fold shading could be a bit better but I'm not perfect. Its gotten a pretty good response but I have to say I'm mostly happy about my Jamaican woman just because shes.. different. Different is good. I like different. hehe
Oh and I keep meaning to get around to this BUT I do indeed intend on making another turorial. I was thinking about making a hair tutorial to show how I ended up making the hair for my Jamaican lady as well as avatar (last entry.) Whatcha' think??

November 10, 2006
Okay here we go.. cross your fingers now...


Palette contest entry for Blue Ribbon Forums. Only 24 colors with a whole bar of the palette left off. For give my bragging here but I'm awefully proud of it. Thanks so much to my friends at Eden for their helpful C+C! - Base by AnlinaWell thanks to a series of misadventures, bad luck and what I think may have been some bad pizza.. Sunrise Moutain has moved from its old swbell server to a hosted server (again thanks Lorraine!) to its new and hopefully permanent home hosted by Blue! I'm so happy I can't begin to tell ya'll!
Lorraine's website went down and with it her hostees. She was SO sweet to host me and I'm terribly sorry she had to move her site also. It IS the thought that counts of course.. though it was funny that just as soon as I got everything uploaded P00F! it was down. lol
I've got alot of updating to do including uploading the entire site as is, as well as add new dolls and make some new tutorials (the old ones are outdated.) I'm sorry for the huge mess but now Sunrise Mountain has found a home.. and I couldn't be happier. ;D

THANKS BLUE! - my NEW host - wootage!!

October 23, 2006Done as a contest entry for one of Blue's contests also serves as an example for my Yoohoo!  Won 3rd place. - Base by Me! Just see my bases page for this base.
Well now that I've finally got access to my website againAND my I've FINALLY (arg!) finished my entry for Blue's palette contest.. I've updated with TWO NEW BASES! Agghhh!! Weee! *happydance* Also I added my newest doll, my entry, and I think she serves as a decent example doll for one of my bases. I really hope you like her but more importantly I hope you find good use for my new bases. *fingers crossed*
Oh and there seems to be some problem with the tagboard.. hmm. Give me a little time to work on it I'll see what I can do. By all means though.. feel free try it out for yourself.. could just be me.
Again much love and thanks to all my fellow dollers out there! Thanks for all your encouragment and inspiration. A kinder, gentler, more gifted group of people I don't think I've ever known. ;)
Wish me luck at Blue's contest! Its been a while since I dolled and defiently a while since I tried for a contest. My nerves are a bit frazzled but I'm really hopeful. :D

October 22, 2006
Well isn't this exciting?! Wow! I'm actually updating.. its a friggin' miracle! lol
Well its kind of a long story but the bulk of it involves a vicious virus munching away at my computer leading to its eventual demise, yet another moniter catch fire, then (by some kind of miracle) a NEW moniter and a newly resurrected computer. Okay now sure I've lost literally 90% of my data and tons of unfinished projects and anything and everything else you normally store on your computer are gone forever. Of course the first thing a friend says to me "You should have made a backup." Oi... believe it or not there WAS a backup.. it also had a meltdown sometime before this happened. Yup.. its true.. I'm cursed. ;)
Anywho no reason to dwell on the unfortunate events that led up to my big move... only thing to do is thank my new hostess, Lorraine!!!! She was kind enough to offer to host my little site. THANK YOU!!!
I'll be updating with some brand spankin' new bases and their, quite frankly, the best I've ever done.. I think you'll be pleased. hehe Also I'll be uploading a contest entry just as soon as I'm done with it. I used one of my new bases for the entry and I've really been putting in the efffort.. so wish me luck!!
So thank you SO much for stopping by, for all your support and I'll do my best to keep the place updated for all my fellow dollers out there!
I missed you!!!!! *muah!* *muah!* *muah!*
Thanks to Lorraine, my hostess!!! :D

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