Contest: The Girl Next Door
Conclusion: Well The Girl Next Door has now concluded. Thanks to all that participated! The winners are now posted simply click the banner below under "Past Contests."
In the end we had seven wonderful entries. Choosing the top three wasn't too difficult though choosing which of those three would place 1st, 2nd or 3rd was really difficult. I must say you lovely ladies didn't make it easy on us. Ultimately what decided placement was amount of attention to detail. They were all really wonderful.
Also for those of you who entered and didn't place don't worry.. we have a special plaque for you just for having entered.
Winners: If you'd like to display you trophy on your website/etc. Click on The Girl Next Door contest banner below. Then please right click to save the image to your own computer. After uploading to your own website link the graphic to Thats it! If you need any help let me know.

Past Contests
The Girl Next Door Contest! - Click here to view trophies.