If you happen to use any of my bases please let me know. I'd love to see what you create using them!
Oh and as the rules should mention you MAY repose my bases but please, if you'd be so kind, send me your reposed version. If I really like it I might even offer it here. You never know.. ;)

Yoohoo! Base - My forth try at a base. I really had fun with this one. Feel free to animate her running by switching out the legs. Hope you like it.. this and Serenity are my current pride and joy. ;)

Serenity - My third base. I made some alternate heads though you'll have to recolor them yourself if you prefer the lighter/glossier version.

Hello! - This is what the Hello! base looks like when animated...  :D
Hello! - All the pieces you need to make your own Hello! doll. Neat huh? Oh and "he" can easily be a boy or a girl. ;)

Girl Next Door  -  My first official base.. aww... Here we have the girl next door, the boy next door and couples of them both. Hope you like it!