These are dolls or other art that don't belong anywhere else. None of these are available for adoption. So please DO NOT ADOPT. Thanks muchly..


A few of the awards I've won.. Ok well MOST of the awards I've won! lol
I did this one for Blue's dress generator contest and her palette contest. This is the award I received for the dress generator contest. I LOVED this contest.. as you can probably tell by the amount of work I put into this doll. *blush* This was my second entry for both Blue's dress generator contest as well as her palette contest. I won this award for the dress generator contest. I should have spent more time on it...
I'm really proud of this one being it was my very first contest entry using nothing but my own work... my base, my dollwork and yet still I placed. lol Awesome...I"m SO happy this one placed... even if so many of the other entries were damn good.. I really liked how this one turned out. I love monotone what can I say? lol
Here's a few dolls I've made for friends and family...
28th Birthday Present For Sadie!! Ok so its CRAP.. I know I know.. but I was in a hurry. Its the friggin' thought that counts.. right!? lol - Base by Punie Pixel
Base by Punie Pixels
27th B-Day Gift for Sadie! - Base by Blak, Blu and Bandages
Gift for my bestest friend Sadie! *hugs* Base by Xandorra
Gift for BrownSugar!  Base by Xandorra
Gift for my Dad! Base by If Looks Could Kill
Here are some gifts I've received..
B-Day from Sadie!! Thank you Sadie!!! - Base by Angy-chan